2021 Waterproof Full Grow Light Strip Foldable 800W Lm301B 3500K Mix IR 660nm Horticulture Led Grow Lights

Love it works great and very good prices, I have lots of experience with lighting and multiple options in terms of plants.

Put this light in a 4x4 tent....very nice coverage. I'm very happy with it...



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Hello, my friends, I’m Peter from Canada...Today I visited Avatar company and I really like their foldable led grow light which makes me earn a lot of money by reselling them because of their remarkable quality and competitive price compared with other manufacturers in Shenzhen.

I would like to share something with you about these products. The design is foldable which makes it easy for assembling. They have 6 bars with a total watt 600W and 8 bars with a total watt 800W, each bar with 474pcs high efficient SMD LEDs, total 3792pcs high lumen chips. The LEDs are their newest high technology SMD LEDs with high efficacy to 3.0 μmol/J and 2.6g yield per wattage for the actual 800-watt model.

The size of this model is 3.6*3.6ft. So it can cover 6*6ft growing area in Veg stage and 4x4ft for flower stage roughly. It is also a dimmable design, so you can adjust the lighting intensity according to the needs of different plants.

With its innovative heat dissipation design, the light case is aluminum alloy, no fans, no noise, low energy consumption excellent performance in heat dispersing make it long lifespan over 3-5 years, which can save 50% in electricity bill than HID/HPS lights.

That is the reason why I like to recommend this model to you.

What makes our product different from another factory?

1. Unique design by a professional designer, a popular design for the USA and Canada market,  great design with help your marketing in your country.

2. R&D ability: 8 technical engineers with extensive experience in the LED field, Over 30 new products each year, to support our customers to be competitive in the market with new products.

3. QC system: strict QC system complied with ISO 9001.

4. QC processes include material test and check, production process test and check, IP65 waterproof test, Aging test, packaging test, etc.

With quality strength, nowAvatar export to over 30 countries: USA, CANADA, MEXICO, SPAIN, ITALY, GERMANY, BRAZIL, CHILE, etc.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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