High Power LED Grow Light (740W)

To make sure the emitted photons of LED can get into Medical plant’s canopy greatly and directly, Avatar used innovative lighting technology to make this LED lighting module, not only it has high efficiency, but also it has well-proportioned lighting intensity, which differs from traditional lights such as HID light, induction lighting etc., solving their problem of asymmetrical lighting intensity which made the plants get hurt under high lighting intensity.
Illumitex is at 0.3 square feet of LED lighting module, embedded in 312 pieces of High efficiently SMD, Epistar LED chips with different wavelengths,each bar with 264PCS White+46pcs Red 660nm+2pcs IR 730nm, to make the lighting fixture have well-proportioned emitting mixed colors, offering the spectrum which plants require, and to help sustain plant growth and maintain good yield.
This is the most effective light of Avatar’s lights for plant growth, it consists of 10 units of 74W and the actual power is 740W. The light is combined with 2835 LED SMD 3000K /4000K Epistar 660nm IR 730nm that perfectly meets the wavelength of PAR. Meanwhile, it’s including green light which is helpful to the quality for plants, becoming a very ideal lighting group for plant growth and bloom. It applies to the plant cultivation which is limited by planting environment.
Reduce overall costs for planting, increase yields and get a L70 of luminous maintenance rate for LED lighting fixture. Besides, the lifetime of this light lasts up to 50,000 hours. In the aspect of efficiency required, it’s just half of traditional lights such as HPS, MH etc., so the planting cost can be reduced markedly. In the aspect of heating generation, it diminished to more than a half comparing to traditional lights, except the worry of getting hurt when the light is very close to canopy of plants, the light can help save the costs for fans, HVAC cooling devices etc. According to the testing report from our company, the CBD and THC of Medical plants increased by 19% and 24% respectively. In the aspect of growth cycle for Medical plants, using HPS light is around 85 days, but using our led grow lights just 70 days is enough. So throughout this year, our light has one more growth cycle than the HPS one, Medical plants’ yields and benefits are quite high.
This grow lamp is suitable for all growth stages og various plants and more indoor plant growing environment, especially hydroponic grow system, aeroponics systems, hidroponia growing system, commercial cultivation projects, etc. Due to can provide sufficient light for the whole process of plant growth that able to shorten the growth cycle of planting.
Comparison of LED light with HPS
1.In the market of lighting fixture for medical plants,HPS takes up some market due to its cheaper cost.but the high power consumption and incredible heat emission are big troubles for the medical growers.HPS lamps are extremely wasteful in turning electricity into light with a vast amount of electricty turned into unwanted heat which usually requires solid ventilation systems to move air and keept the environment cool to make sure no bad effects on the medical plants growth and yield.
2.LED plant light is a perfect solution at all levels compared with HPS lamps.It is able to provide precise spectrum by specific bands(Red,Blue,Full spectrum,IR)which plays an important roles on the medical plants growth.It helps medical plants grow faster and with more yields.Below are the comparison.



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