New Hydroponics Led Horticulture Dimmable Grow Light Strip Commercial Indoor Vertical Farm Grow Light Fixtures

Why design those light bars?
Actually, those series of lights are designed by our followers, we just help to make their dream come true. 
At the beginning of 2021, one USA customer visited our store and asked if we can do a light similar as the USA brand ROI-E720 since it’s the best light he has used so far for growing, but the price is too high for disabled military personnel. 
At that time, we did not realize that it was our responsibility. But we noticed more than 120 customers had the same concerns in the past few months, most of them declared the ROI-E720 did help their growth become easier, however, they couldn’t afford to buy more lights. That’s the reason why they come to Avatar LED which is a 12 years experience manufacturer to see if there is any possibility to buy the same quality but lower-cost light.

It suddenly came to us that as a 120 workers company we do not only need to make money, but also we have the responsibility to think about how to feedback the world. On the earth, millions of people sink into cancer or are disabled. They need medicine to cure cancer , relieve pain, but those people do not have the ability to pay for it. So they need to make the medicine by themselves, however, set up a grow facilities is too expensive especially the LED lights.

Avatar LED believes that it's time to take responsibility, we need to have a light, a 10% margin light to feedback the world. We are proud to tell the world, the light is ready today! 



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Product Name
800 LED Grow Light
Input Power 
Full Spectrum
Input Voltage
Power Factor
0-10V/PMW/Timer Dimming
Beams Angle
120 degrees
LED Q'ty 
Fixture Dimension /Weight
Thermal Management
>50000 H
Operation Temperature
-20°C-- +45°C /-4°F-- +104°F
Warranty Time
3 Years

Company Introduction:

Who we are?

Shenzhen Avatar Optoelectronic Technology Company Limited is a National High-tech Enterprise specialized in R&D and manufacturing L E D semiconductor light source and LED Grow Light with Brand name “Glamorous”.

Our mission is to provide world-class leading intelligent light sources and solutions and apply the most advanced fully automatic production equipment. The main L E D chips products are S M D L E D 2835, 5730, 3030, 5054, 3535, high power C O B plant L E D light source with wavelength 280nm to 1050nm to satisfy customers’ requirement of customized spectrum design. The product has obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, SGS, LM-80 as international authoritative certification.

Its application area covers L E D Plant Grow Light, plant tissue culture, supplemental lighting, medical lighting treatment, cosmetology and manicure, solidification and printing, sterilization and disinfection, floriculture, mosquito repellent the chip quantity of monthly output is 50KK.


What equipment we have?

Our company has advanced LED luminaires manufacturing facilities such as auto SMT machines, injection machines, reflow soldering machines, automatic aging testing equipment, and professional test equipment, such as IP68 waterproof level test machine, integrating spheres, AOI tester, RoHS scanner, etc. We also have a highly trained QC team to ensure the quality of all products.


What products do we produce?

As an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer, now we have stable and mature product lines including LED Grow Lights, LED GrowTube,  SMD LED CHIPS, hydroponic growing system, and so on. Most of our products have KCC, FCC, SAA, CE ROHS certificates.

We look forward to working with you.

Customers’ Project:

Q: Why should I choose AvatarLED products?
A: Avatar LED has over 10 years experience in led lighting. Our led lights have outstanding structure design, and use first-class LEDs + drivers + core components. We have very strict quality management system to keep extremely low failure rate, lower than other suppliers.

Q: What certificates do you have for your lights?
A: Our led lights certifications are complete.

Q: How do you keep your warranty?
A: We give 1 years warranty for all lights. Within the warranty period, we can send you replacement light/accessory for free, not caused by human-made misoperation. Longer warranty such as 10 years is also negotiable in our company.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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