CCTV Face to Face Interview on Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition about Avatar LED Plant Grow Light Supplier


Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition - Professional LED Grow Light manufactuer in Shenzhen over 10 years.

Avatar Plant Grow Light is a experienced lighting solution company by providing the best spectrum for different plants indoor and outdoor growing.

From plant grow led chips to completed grow light with 50W 100W 200W 320W 400W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W, Avatar can give you the best lighting

solution and make your plants grow healtier and yields more. 

CCTV Face to Face Interview on Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition about Avatar LED Plant Grow Light Supplier
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1. Question: What is the annual revenue target in 2021?


 Answer: With the spread of coronavirus and the encroaching Delta variant overseas, LED production has turned into domestic market largely and both the domestic and overseas market demand has increasing rapidly. In the first half year of 2021, we have almost reached the 2020 annual revenue. Therefore, we have an optimistic perspective about this year’s market and our 2021 annual revenue will be reached to 79 million dollars.


2. Question:What are the main Operating Patterns of Avatar? And the marketing direction?

 Answer: In operation patterns, we keep going by "3 legs" The first one is International Subcontracting,  

At present, we have worked with two international patent brand large plants for subcontracting cooperation. The second one is agent. We are expanding the oversea markets with the increasing of overseas customers and in the mean time we pay more attention to electronic business chains positively. The last one is autonomous management. We run our business at some specific fields and to be one of the top brand supply chains. Regarding to product positioning, we choose to produce medium and high-end product. Our main products are Plants Lighting Products. 85% gross business income from led grow light and extra 15% is from commercial lighting and home lighting.



 3.Question:What is the core competence of Avatar?

 Answer: Firstly, we have capital and customer’s support; Secondly, we have established an experienced team; Thirdly, we possess obvious advantage of backwardness. Fourthly, we provide the best customer “Haidilao” service. With the capital and customers’ trust and support, we invest 200 production line to expand our production scale for the first phase and 100 production line for the second phase. From investment project to equipment assembled, all products produced are sold out and pre-order production plan has been fully occupied in the next 3 months.


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